JSDavidson Tailored Supply Chain Solutions



Q. How do we control the temperature of our storage areas?

Throughout each site there are various storage areas which operate to different parameters to accommodate the products stored within. They are either monitored by Fixed Temperature Monitoring (fitted with the original installation) iAuditor ALTA Sensors remote temperature monitoring system.

The Fixed Temperature Monitoring is linked directly to the plant room software and the data logging system iAuditor ALTA Sensors is equipped to send auto-email alerts to a number of Senior Managers.

Q. How does the company control pests?

Pest control is carried out by a BPCA company, CSS Pest Services.

The service includes a 45 day inspection using modern bar coded scanning technology, with follow up visits if rodent activity is discovered or sighted. Visits are then carried out regularly until clear visits have been achieved.

Preventative measures for pest control include electric fly control units, internal & external rodent tamper proof bait boxes. These are all identified on a site plan.

All reports and recommendations are documented manually and electronically. These can be viewed online directly by our customers providing full traceability. The system is completely self auditing.

Q. How does the company control glass breakages?

JS Davidson adopts a glass & hard plastics policy and daily checks are carried out and any breakages are documented. There are documented procedures covering glass & plastics breakages and dedicated equipment in place to avoid contamination of any products.

Q. Can I view a summary of your general company details online?

JS Davidson Ltd

JS Davidson
Shrewsbury Avenue
Woodston Industrial Estate

t: +44 (0)1733 731 300

Company Registration No: 3018221

Manned Security in operation 24 hrs per day, 365 days per year, full CCTV coverage of entire site, key fob automated access control points for secure/sensitive areas.

Fire Alarm System:
Maintained by Newflame

Q. How do I make a booking?

If you wish to deliver goods to JS Davidson, please email bookings@jsdavidson.co.uk

You will need to include certain delivery information including:

PO number
Product description
Quantity of goods
You will then be issued a unique booking reference number that will need to be quoted when delivering to our premises.

Q. How does the company ensure the quality of goods being delivered into store?

Upon arrival at JS Davidson all delivery vehicles are checked to ensure they are clean, free from odours that could cause taint and free from any potential contaminate.

All deliveries are off loaded and inspected in the enclosed loading bay.

Product temperature checks are taken from the back, middle and front of the load. The receipted goods target temperature is 0 to + 3°C for chilled goods and -18°C or below for frozen.

A goods receipt form is completed recording the following:

Customers product code
Use by date
Product description
Unique pallet number
Any damage
Outer packaging clean and dry
Goods are moved into the chill or frozen chamber and located in pallet positions within the racked arrangement. All information will then be entered into the computerised stock control system.

If a delivery does not meet one or more of the above criteria at any point the customer/owner of the goods is contacted immediately and advice sought as to whether to accept or reject all or part of the delivery.

Q. Are goods for despatch checked for quality prior to being despatched?

All collecting vehicles are inspected prior to loading to ensure they are clean, free from odours that could cause taint and free from any potential contaminates. The state of the vehicle is then recorded on the dispatch paperwork.

If the vehicle is considered unsuitable for loading the customer/owner of the goods is contacted immediately and advice sought on what action to take.

Products are loaded quickly and taken directly from the chamber and placed onto the vehicle to prevent temperature abuse, all carried out on a sealed loading bay.

All products are inspected upon loading to ensure they are:

Correctly coded
Within the appropriate depot life and shelf life requirements
Correct quantity
Safely stacked or palletised
The correct temperature

Q. Is there facility for maintenance of plant and equipment?

All refrigeration plant equipment is maintained under contract by Armstrong Refrigeration. JS Davidson employ a team of on site maintenance staff who carry out services and repairs to much of the equipment and building fabric. However specialist contractors are employed as required, for example FLT maintenance, PAT testing etc.

All relevant equipment is serviced, tested and calibrated as per manufacturers recommended intervals or as required under relevant legislations.

Fork lift truck and mechanical manual handling equipment is maintained by an external contractor under a repair and maintenance contract who have access to their own dedicated workshop facility on site.

Q. What controls are in place for water?

The mains supply is from Anglian Water Authority. Five evaporator condenser units are installed, three units servicing the cold store refrigeration plant with two additional oil cooler condensers. An external contractor tests for Legionella and completes monthly water treatment checks on the condenser units.

All evaporative condenser units are registered with the local authority and regular internal audits are carried out to ensure compliance to all legislation.

Dipslide tests are carried out weekly by our on site trained maintenance staff and all results are documented.

Q. How is waste controlled?

Waste bins/containers are located around the store at various key points for non-recyclable waste and are emptied on a regular basis into a compactor which is taken away for landfill.

All other waste including cardboard, plastic, damaged wooden pallets are all recycled.

All skips and other vessels containing waste are located on site away from buildings/structures and are segregated keeping recycled waste away from that for landfill.

Additional food waste skips are brought in as & when required when disposing of large amounts of food waste at the requested of the customer. Food waste is decanted from any outer packaging which is recyclable whilst the food is disposed of as animal feed or if not suitable for recycling treated to ensure it cannot be returned into the food chain.

Q. What are the Company’s storage capabilities?

At each site we have the below storage capacity:

Frozen: 6816 Pallets
Chilled: 374 pallets
Ambient: 3238 pallets

Morley Court (Peterborough Ambient Warehouse)
Ambient: 4366 Pallets

Frozen: 4800 Pallets

Q. Is staff training planned and documented?

Induction training is given to all staff upon commencement of employment with JS Davidson. The programme includes health and safety issues, company hygiene rules and operational procedures inline with the companies HACCP procedures.

Guidance notes in the form of an induction booklet are issued to all staff for their retention and to refer to at any point.

All warehouse staff are trained, tested and certified by in house trainers/examiners on the use of mechanical manual handling equipment.

FLT (reach and counterbalance) training and testing is carried out by external contractors at regular intervals and refresher training is carried out on an annual basis. Training records are kept on personnel files and are maintained and updated on a regular basis.

Q. Is there a health and safety system in place?

The management team are responsible for health and safety and ensuring that the policy is adhered to. Management is responsible for implementing any updates to the policy as and when they may be required. Risk assessments are carried out at regular intervals, or as required, or when new equipment/procedures are to be adopted.