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JS Davidson has had a strong working relationship with Foodtrac since its inception in 2003


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JS Davidson has been in the cold storage and distribution industry for over twenty-five years and prides itself on offering a service that is difficult to match. We are acutely aware that we play a pivotal role within our customers’ businesses. Without JS Davidson they would be forced to explore other less reliable options for their cold storage and distribution requirements. Foodtrac is one such business. 

Food Trac Ltd is a specialist supplier of fully cooked poultry meat, sourced directly from supply partners around the world. A specialist in the field Foodtrac, expertly manages all aspects of the supply chain from product development, manufacture, food safety, shipping and delivery to ensure that its customers get the right products at the right time. 

JS Davidson has had a strong working relationship with Foodtrac since its inception in 2003, supplying the business with crucial cold storage services along with distributing the company’s meat products to the final customers and wholesalers. 

One of the key factors in Foodtrac partnering with JS Davidson was the family orientated ethos which is shared between the two organisations.   Foodtrac is keen to ensure its employees are well looked after and are seen more as a part of the Foodtrac family rather than individual workers. This has extended to the JS Davidson operation where a similar philosophy is shared.

JS Davidson provides the vital distribution network that Foodtrac and its customers rely on to receive high quality meat products on time and in an efficient manner.

Ensuring goods are kept to the ideal temperature from when they are unloaded at the port to reaching their final destination is key to guaranteeing a quality product that customers will keep returning for. 

Recognising that he current cost of living and energy crisis is hitting everyone exceptionally hard, JS Davidson is attempting to minimise costs wherever possible and source other solutions when needed. Foodtrac is extremely appreciative of these efforts and where many other transport companies have simply passed the costs onto their clients, JS Davidson has made every effort to avoid this. 

Overall Foodtrac could not be happier with the service received from JS Davidson and this is noted by its customers who ‘cannot sing JS Davidson’s praises high enough’.

“JS Davidson has been with us since the beginning. As time has gone on our partnership has evolved in ways beyond our expectations.  

“JS Davidson’s services have been essential for the Foodtrac operation providing the perfect link between Foodtrac and our customers providing us with an image of being friendly and reliable.”

Jeff Rowe, Managing Director, Foodtrac. 

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