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JS Davidson is invaluable to the Holy Moly Dips operation.


JS Davidson works with a wide variety of businesses at various stages of growth. To support our customers, we ensure each are treated as an individual with a bespoke solution developed to meet their specific requirements and whilst managing their own unique challenges and targets.  

We recognise that breaking into a new market can be highly challenging, but Holy Moly Dips has with the help of JS Davidson, not only swiftly made its mark, but has become the UK’s fastest growing dips business since it first opened for business in 2017.  

Holy Moly produces 100% natural dips with no additives or preservatives, with its aim to make something that tastes just as good as homemade. Holy Moly Dips has also been celebrated for its environmentally friendly approach to producing dips, which has even made them one of the first companies to receive B Corp Certification, an accreditation that says a business is meeting high standards of performance, accountability, and transparency on factors from employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices and input materials. 

Holy Moly imports its products from across the world. JS Davidson then unloads and stores the dips in its frozen warehousing. The dips are then re-packaged in Holy Moly branded containers before JS Davidson dispatches them to over 8,000 stocking points across the UK. This complete fulfilment operation is crucial to Holy Moly’s supply chain and JS prides itself on the accuracy and efficiency we can offer. 

JS Davidson is invaluable to the Holy Moly Dips operation, transforming its products from newly imported bulk merchandise to an exciting saleable shelf item. With Holy Moly Dips growing sales by 30% in 2022 and similar results expected in 2023, Holy Moly is a growing brand with impressive prospects that JS Davidson is excited to be in partnership with.  

Prior to moving to JS Davidson in 2019, Holy Moly had used an alternative transport provider but didn’t receive the level of service required and often felt like a small fish in a large pond, with the business relationship being entirely transactional and not offering the level of personal service and support required by a new start up. 

Holy Moly was instantly attracted to JS Davidson with its open and transparent family driven ethos plain to see. Holy Moly and JS Davidson is building a win win partnership, where if one succeeds the other does too. This comes across throughout the entirety of the company, with each team member seamlessly communicating with their counterparts, each striving for the success of both businesses.  

There is a natural feeling that if Holy Moly required any evolution or flexibility in the services they receive, JS Davidson would do everything in its to match it whether it be new services or a growth in distribution.  

“When we initially approached JS Davidson to aid in the distribution of Holy Moly Dips products we were specifically looking for a company that could grow with us and open to new ideas. JS Davidson has exceeded expectations and has formed an essential part of our business, without which we wouldn’t be able to function. The growth of Holy Moly during our partnership is a credit to the hard work John and the team have done enabling us to excel and place us ahead of the competition.”

Gaz Booth, Managing Director, Holy Moly Dips.  

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