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Sierra Nevada has worked with JS Davidson since 2019. 


JS Davidson prides itself on its ability to solve problems. We endeavour to build bridges and breakdown barriers to ensure our customers get the service they not only expect but deserve. JS Davidson makes sure products are delivered on time and in perfect condition with as smooth a journey as possible. If a product is imported into the country, JS Davidson has multiple facilities close to ports for easy unloading and storage.  

The Sierra Nevada Brewing Company is known as one of the grand fathers of American craft, a family-owned and operated brewery business, which distributes beers across the world from its two locations in Chico, California and Mills River, North Carolina. Sierra Nevada has worked with JS Davidson since 2019. 

When setting up in the UK, Sierra Nevada wanted a partner that was experienced in working with beer and knew the importance of keeping it at the correct temperature. The company was also looking for a distributor with a centrally based location to minimise the transport costs. And finally, Sierra Nevada was looking for a company that could be flexible when necessary, offering excellent customer satisfaction and ensuring product gets where it needs to be. 

Previously Sierra Nevada would struggle to import its products into the country without running into numerous fees at ports along with a number of logistical problems when moving its products around the country. JS Davidson worked with the UK government to create a bond agreement that would allow the transportation of all Sierra Nevada beers through the UK ports without paying numerous fees and duties. 

The Sierra Nevada beer comes in from the US into the Port of Southampton before then being moved into the JS Davidson chilled warehousing to keep it at optimum temperature. JS Davidson then provides an order fulfilment service before distributing the product to the retailer. In the past,

Sierra Nevada had also had issues in getting their suppliers into certain major supermarkets, however JS Davidson’s extensive links allowed for a smooth operation getting the beer on to the shelves in an efficient and cost effective way. 

Plans are now being put in place for Sierra Nevada to extend its partnership with JS Davidson beyond the current deal with both teams currently investigating the possibility to work with backhauling used kegs from the wholesalers in the UK and returning them to the USA. 

Sierra Nevada is delighted with the service they receive from JS Davidson. The eagerness to provide a personal service is not always received from other companies, but JS Davidson prides itself on knowing there is no one size fits all solution. Each client needs an individualised service and JS Davidson focuses on providing solutions which are tailored to meet specific needs to ensure an optimum service is delivered each and every time.

"The Sierra Nevada Brewing Company is proud to be a family business that is gradually expanding across the world.  

“Without the help and knowledge of JS Davidson we would never have had the success we have seen across the UK. JS Davidson’s experience in transporting beer has greatly influenced the distribution of our products and has helped Sierra Nevada exceed all expectations for UK sales."

Iain Newell, Managing Director,
Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. 

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