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95% of all Towers Thompson products and all frozen goods are distributed by JS Davidson. 


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At JS Davidson we work hard to deliver the optimum experience for our customers.  Our dedication to our clients and family-centric ethos allows us to build working relationships that last decades and is a philosophy that has been ingrained within the business since it first opened its doors 29 years ago.   

Providing a quality service is at the very core of JS Davidson which, for customers such as Towers Thompson, we have been providing for the past 10+ years.    

First established in 1898, Towers Thompson is a meat importer and distributor based in Hertfordshire and were in fact the first company to import Frozen New Zealand lamb to the UK.   

Today Towers Thompson imports large containers of frozen meat into the country which are received by JS Davidson, unpacked and placed onto pallets before being moved to cold storage ready for distribution. The meat is then loaded onto trucks to be delivered to Towers Thompsons customers consisting of caterers, retailers and other traders. 95% of all Towers Thompson products and all frozen goods are distributed by JS Davidson.   

Prior to working with JS Davidson, Towers Thompson relied on a third-party distributor but were disappointed in the lack of services and customer care provided. JS Davidson prides itself on its range of services offering a complete end to end solution that includes ambient, chilled, frozen storage, and co-packing as well as a brand-new distribution service.    

Towers Thompson had run into issues with containers clearing HMC customs and Port Health in the past, incurring charges along the way. JS Davidson ensured clearance at a moment’s notice, with onsite storage allowing containers to be taken from the docks straight into cold storage before charges and fines are incurred. JS Davidson also pride itself on offering deliveries to customers at short notice when needed, a service not all can offer.   

Towers Thompson and JS Davidson share a family orientated ethos with both offering a friendly reliable and efficient service.  It is an ethos which allows JS Davidson to work as a partner with Towers Thompson and react quickly in any situation, making same day decisions, not relying on a chain of command that can take days, if not weeks to react.   

JS Davidson provides vital services that are dependable for storage and transport and are the critical link to customers getting the right products, on the day and time they want it. It is this reliability that sets JS Davidson apart from the competition and ensures that when customers place an order from they are safe in the knowledge they will have products when they need it for production or sale. 

“The services we receive from JS Davidson are vital to keep the Towers Thompson operation going. Its skills and expertise, along with John Davidson’s knowledge of the industry and expert guidance, have led Towers Thompson to successfully navigate the recent challenges of the pandemic, along with a broad range of global events that have seen many of our competitors fail.    

“JS Davidson us an essential part of the Towers Thompson business and long may that continue.”

David Shingler, Towers Thompson, Managing Director. 

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